Solo Campaigns

A solo Campaign is likely to have the PC as a leader of a group of agents.

This group starts as 4 Supporting NPCs (one of which is the RV). The player may use one Aspect each to define additional team members.
Per Fate Core Rules (p. 218), these NPCs have:

  • A High Concept (which should reflect their Bureau 13 affiliation)
  • A Trouble
  • 2 more Aspects
  • One Stunt
  • Standard stress tracks + 1 Mild consequence
  • A single column of skills (1-5)

A Sample RV:
High Concept – Bureau Issue RV with ___________________
Trouble – Garage Queen
It’s got a Gadget that does That
Extra Armor against the Paranormal

5. Weapons
4. Physique
3. Weird Science Sensors
2. Deceive
1. Will

Mild Consequence ____________________________
Moderate Consequence ____________________________

A Sample Investigator
High Concept – Elite Martial Artist whose Home is the Bureau
Trouble – Hunted by the Ninja-Mages of The Blue Orchid clan
Aware of my surroundings at all times
Chosen to wield the Blessed Katana of Mutaru

5. Fight
4. Athletics
3. Notice
2. Physique
1. Will

Mild Consequence ____________________________

Solo Campaigns

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